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Sep 2017
Johannes Wilm
Sep 08 2017 06:17
I see. no the black lines are gone. I don't see any editor at that address right now. but it was working without black lines around 12 hours ago
Chrome and Firefox on Linux
Kingsley Idehen
Sep 08 2017 11:26

@csarven : What's the ETA for fixing issue reported in ? Again, I am simply performing the demo shown in the YouTube screencast at:

My live demos also function as a collection of QA tests for catching regression. This is regression that I am reporting to you, especially as this issue had been raised and fixed in the past.

Kingsley Idehen
Sep 08 2017 13:37

Here's are github repo links to a number of Linked Data oriented browser extensions we've recently released:

[1] -- Linked Data Transformation (RDFization)

[2] -- YouID which handles WebID+TLS and WebID+TLS+Delegation (see how it works with dokieli to understand its effect on WebID exploitation)

[3] -- RDF Editor

Track:, for others (e.g., OSDS Browser Extension Code which is being prepared for release too).

Sep 08 2017 16:35
Super excited about this project. Been looking for something that puts all the pieces together into something. Thanks!