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Nov 2017
Sarven Capadisli
Nov 07 2017 09:08
@kidehen I think I know what the issue is, and I can reproduce in both browsers! :) See and the rest of the thread.. I have to follow up on . Fun times.
@timbl disk caching strikes back.
I came to check your links for a completely different reason.. meanwhile at the back of my mind somewhere there was this nagging about getting back to Michael at some point. Funny how that all connected.
Sarven Capadisli
Nov 07 2017 09:18
@kidehen If you want to reproduce, make sure to clear all site cache/storage/cookies etc.. at both and Have both tabs open. Go to tab1, go through the sign in process.. make sure that the response from the webid url is a 200 (and not 304). it'll probably sign you in (it should). if it doesn't work, just try again.. but really make sure to clear up browser's knowledge of anything. and then go to tab2, and repeat the process. You'll get a spinner. Notice that tab2 thinks that your Access-Control-Allow-Origin is tab1's domain (even though tab2 had Origin with tab2's domain) :)
So, dokieli is not at fault, but it can do error handling better there.