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Dec 2017
Sarven Capadisli
Dec 15 2017 11:46
For objects getting sent to as:outbox, should the AS2 vocab be used in addition to the WebAnnotation vocab for annotations, as opposed to creating a AS2-only content? I'm leaning towards adding AS2 to the existing WA because there's information in WA that AS2 alone can't express, eg. selectors, motivations. If the annotation is predominantly a document-level activity, it might be okay in that case. One possible disadvantage to combining AS2 and WA together is that, some information will be duplicated. Or for parts that are heavier when duplicated (eg the actual note), those can only use AS2 (eg. as:content) and drop somewhat WA equivalent (eg. rdf:value on oa:TextualBody).
This means that consumers that speak AS2 can do as they normally do. If they also happen to speak WA, they can make use of that too.