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Dec 2017
Tim Berners-Lee
Dec 20 2017 19:08
Re the progress bar… yes, maybe we a could usea library which does things like
  • dedicate a rectangle to progress
  • split the rectangle into n smaller ones, each can make its own progress
  • fill a rectange with the progress on one fetch
  • for unknown number, built a perspecive railway into the distance maybe, so number of files = length along railway, but as files tends to infinity display tends to the horizon.
Some of the solid-ui functions already have options which include a status area.
Oh and
  • Remove the whole status area after everything succeeds
  • Colors it red if a ftech fails
Note that the tabulator’s little balls are status of fetch n each object, blue = unfetched; yellow = in progress; red = failed; green = ok
Tim Berners-Lee
Dec 20 2017 19:13
Clicking on a red ball did a rettry