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Jan 2018
Sarven Capadisli
Jan 04 2018 13:43
@bencomp I think we (at least hvdsomp and I) agree that LORC alone can fulfill the registration and awareness functions. Proper archiving is still key.
Kingsley Idehen
Jan 04 2018 19:11

Re, why is there an assumption that individuals will be able to acquire and/or have ownership (or admin) privileges re. Personal Data Pods (a/k/a Personal Data Spaces)?

WebID and its WebID-Profile doc collectively provide a more granular launch point i.e., a publisher can create Data Spaces (or Pods) from wherever the host their a WebID-Profile doc over which they have ownership privileges.

Here's a post about how middleware layer (e.g., what Virtuoso provides) brings this capability to GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, OneDrive etc.:

Note, you can achieve this using the open source or commercial editions of Virtuoso. Attribute-based Access Controls engine from handling WebACLs is the only thing that's commercial edition specific.

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Sarven Capadisli
Jan 04 2018 20:21
@kidehen I can't recall if there was an assumption (in the video?) to the contrary. Herbert may have described it one way without getting overly technical.