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Apr 2018
Sarven Capadisli
Apr 08 2018 08:55
@timbl Thanks re,prefix=,exact=Issues%20and%20thoughts,suffix=%3A)
  1. TODO: I need to relax the rules on creating headings (sections)
  2. TODO: I need to update a few rules in basic.css. No worries. It will look like
  3. WORKSFORME: It works as you expect, ie. "Edit" -> "Save" still keeps you in edit mode.
  4. TODO: I like all of these ideas. We can do a combination. Perhaps there should be an indicator while in edit mode if there are unsaved changed. I have preference not to change the text colour because then we'll have to worry about the contrast with background-color - not a huge deal to resolve but this should work with any active stylesheet. So, perhaps the menu flashes slowly, the "save" icon (green?) overlaying the menu icon, and/or text beside it indicating "Unsaved" or "Last saved: ..". I'd like to make sure that this meets some accessibility criteria. Need to bring auto-save (1m timer?) to URI and localStorage (to preserve changes) - back in action.
  5. If the pane is using a copy of the new HTML (in dokieli root), that uses absolute URIs for the resources in <head>. At the moment, embedding media objects into the document through the UI is underdeveloped. We'll eventually cover that case when a user either provides an existing URI or upload/save media to URI. Aside: If the new resource is created through the "New" in dokieli menu, it copies the current document's <head> and the references can be absolute/relative.
Tim Berners-Lee
Apr 08 2018 09:00
  1. Sounds like a plan
Tim Berners-Lee
Apr 08 2018 10:44
  1. Ok, I must have got confused as to which state I was in. I see it has a toggle grey background on the icon