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May 2018
Melvin Carvalho
May 29 2018 11:18
I'm going to uninstall the dokieli extension as it's messing up unrelated web pages
I thought I'd leave a screen shot here in case there's some interest
Sarven Capadisli
May 29 2018 12:50
@melvincarvalho Thanks for the report. The extension would only mess things up if it is triggered, ie. the user activates it on a web page and some CSS or JS across what the web page loads and what dokieli loads has some conflict somewhere. I believe that's what you're experiencing. If the extension is not triggered, there is no issue here. What was your intention in activating the extension on that webpage? I don't quite understand what "unrelated web pages" mean. Having said that, the dokieli extension is not expected to be fully smooth on all web pages out there. Factoring in all the complexities (for all webpages) is indeed challenging. We're however making the effort to identify what they are as we go, and iron them out as reasonably as possible - more like on a need to basis. It'd be great if you can create an issue on the exact issue you've experienced, URL of the webpage in question, and how to reproduce. Thanks.
If the extension is somehow being auto-activated on page load, that's probably a bug somewhere, and we should indeed fix that.