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Sep 2018
Julien Colomb
Sep 27 2018 07:08
Hi all. I have learned of dokieli recently at the openconswitzerland from @csarven. I have the project to create a "new generation" journal with real APC (=rejected papers charged), open peer review and maybe dokieli as backend ( Who is interested in building this with me, @mrchristian ?
Sarven Capadisli
Sep 27 2018 14:17
@jcolomb Welcome.. exciting! Note that dokieli is a client-side application. It can interact with HTTP servers, LDP-based in particular for read-write operations. It can be served using virtually any HTTP server.
If you are interested in an academic article on the topic, check this out (if you haven't already).
It is "decentralised" in the sense that the application is not tied to any specific server/platform/application. Articles, annotations, notifications, user profiles (and their preferred storage) etc. can be under the jurisdiction of anyone. The data/documents that dokieli generates does not require dokieli to read/reuse. It is completely standards-compliant.