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Oct 2018
Heather Anderson
Oct 07 2018 02:32
Just installed [solid] yesterday, looking at chat history I see people talking about dokieli and I'm curious about that too. I'm thinking the first thing to do is to "save as", but I keep getting "Unable to save:you do not have permission to write here". I'm moderately certain I don't know what I'm doing
For starters, am I trying to save into a folder or a file within that folder? What sharing is necessary on the folder for me to be permitted to save into it, do I need to add "Contributors: Everyone"? Do I even have the correct URL structure here?
Nick Bell
Oct 07 2018 07:03
How can I insert a row into an existing table?
Sarven Capadisli
Oct 07 2018 08:45
@odysseus654 I believe the reason is because the server is expecting WebID-OIDC authentication to take place, and at the moment dokieli is only helping with WebID-TLS. This is a todo item. You should be able to however save to a container (directory or folder) that is public write (at least for testing purposes).
What you can try with "save as" is this:
Sarven Capadisli
Oct 07 2018 08:50
  1. Go to ... or anywhere there is dokieli loaded. That can be in the solid panes too.
  2. Sign in to dokieli with your WebID (it doesn't really authenticate.. we'll come back to that.. but it will at least know about you, your storage, ect..)
  3. Click on 'Save As'.. then input directory eg. https://{username} (or whichever account you have).. but use the public/ path for this exercise. Then click 'Browse'. That should list the contents of that directory.. you can select an existing file or just add a filename at the end of /public/ like /public/save-as-test.html (I think node-solid-server requires the .html extension for PUT operations..)
  4. Select 'Copy to your storage' from the dropdown
  5. Click 'Save'
@newmedicine I'm not very well versed with that table widget but I think you can highlight the first cell in the first column.. when the popup comes up, click the table button again, and then click on the arrow down button. That seems to add a new row.
Sarven Capadisli
Oct 07 2018 09:15
@newmedicine BTW, I don't know if you discovered this yet, but if you sign-in, and click 'Share', you can also add people from your 'address book'. There is a button there.. it should list me ;)
Nick Bell
Oct 07 2018 09:43
South_West_CF_Network Annual_MeetingFriday_23rd_November_2018.png
It does @csarven but not sure whether to add webid as well?
When I do the throbber never stops turning
Nick Bell
Oct 07 2018 14:56
Selecting contacts does work in that it stuffs something in the right inbox
Sarven Capadisli
Oct 07 2018 17:59
The To field is for direct input. The addressbook is what's available. Don't have to do both in this case. I'm not sure about the continues spinner though.
timbl @timbl comes into land at SFO
Tim Berners-Lee
Oct 07 2018 21:07
current frustration trying to get a dev version of mahlib to buld on the plane with npm just not using the file: versions when they are 2 levels deep