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Oct 2018
Sarven Capadisli
Oct 28 2018 10:01
@jcolomb Good question. I've thought about that as well but only very briefly and didn't actually dig deeper. What I'd like to know is what is the smallest unit of identifiable information in dat eg. what would be the URI of a document? I think we can make minor updates to dokieli UI such that the user can enter the URI of what they want to "reply to". If a dat-based document can be loaded in the common Web browsers, and dokieli extension triggered, it'd be possible to annotate. I don't know what the landscape is like for that beyond say Firefox acknowledging the dat URI scheme, and on the dat protocol end of things, there is the Beaker browser that can load dat documents. So, perhaps it'd be possible to port/reuse dokieli in the Beaker browser. Right now I don't know how the HTTP operations would work though. Maybe there needs to be some mapping eg. when dokieli is loaded on dat URI (with DOM loaded) there can be a mapping from HTTP to dat's API or something.