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Nov 2018
Sarven Capadisli
Nov 03 2018 16:54

Sarven Capadisli
Nov 03 2018 17:11

Okie dokie folks :fireworks:

WebID-OIDC authentication is now supported in dokieli. So, now you can sign-in with your OIDC based identity provider. Live at and Chrome extension updated: .

Thanks to @kidehen @smalinin for kicking this off in linkeddata/dokieli#253 . That really made it so much easier to move this super important functionality forward and have dokieli also work with Solid/OpenLink-like servers via OIDC. WebID-TLS(+Delegation) is still possible. I've moved the PR into dev/oidc branch and worked on cleaning up some important bits. Thanks to @RubenVerborgh for helping to get node/npm/webpack based issues resolved - so now solid-auth-client is supported in do.js (ie no need to include additional scripts - also helps a lot towards using only one distribution script: do.js to handle everything). Also thanks to @dmitrizagidulin for prior work on getting dokieli into a shape where integration of new stuff/packages is possible. :heart:

Next steps: I've created linkeddata/dokieli#254 to address areas that the UI can be improved. Feedback most welcome!

Ruben Verborgh
Nov 03 2018 17:16
@csarven Great job!!
Kingsley Idehen
Nov 03 2018 17:18

@csarven re: :point_up: November 3, 2018 1:11 PM:

Wonderful! Let the demos begin :)