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Nov 2018
Sarven Capadisli
Nov 08 2018 09:29
@kidehen Made this screencast it shows how to use dokieli to embed RDF into a webpage, and "save as" the document to preferred location running a Solid server, and show the parsed semantics with OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer. That's at least 3 different tools cooperating!
Kingsley Idehen
Nov 08 2018 17:15

Re :point_up: November 8, 2018 4:29 AM:

Latest OSDS is now live from the Chrome Store. Key new feature is "Save As" i.e., we now have the following flows for end-users who don't want to embark upon any coding while exploiting the virtues of a RWW (simplified by Solid Platform):

  1. Stumble upon a doc
  2. Sniff out Metadata via OSDS
  3. Invoke Dokieli -- makes some notes and/or enhance metadata (if need be)
  4. Save to Pod
  5. Sniff derived doc using OSDS
  6. Invoke LOD Cloud ETL service
  7. LOD Cloud is richer, Personal Data Space (Pod) is richer
  8. ++