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Aug 2015
Aug 19 2015 03:11
@kishoreg i meet some problemes : 1.when i restart the pinot cluter, the table has gone. i use the defeault zookeeper. 2. How can i delete the table? 3. when i use the to create the offline table flights, and then create the real time table flights, the two tables have same name, then there has the execption, they shouldn't have the same name?
Aug 19 2015 03:28
@kishoreg How to configure the zookeeper ? I start the zookeeper with bin/ StartZookeeper -dataDir ~/data/zookeeper -logDir ~/log/zookeeper &
@mayankshriv Thank you. So I must keep at least one zookeeper or controller node is active?
Aug 19 2015 03:55
@kishoreg Another question, if I have a column QueryDate is datetime type, does Pinot have some function like dayofyear(QueryDate), I want to group by the day of QueryDate. How can I do this. Thanks.
Aug 19 2015 07:25
@kishoreg yes,this Exception cause query failed
@kishoreg it seems the processed time Of ServerInstance over 10 senconds