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    The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks
    wen moon?
    Harsh Vakharia
    @mintheredonethat soon
    Matthew Black
    Here's an intro to Chain Abstraction Layer and the benefits:
    helo guys
    Leon, the fact checker
    It says 100% ICO free, but both DAI and Eth were centrally premined including the backdoored ICOs and thus are not relevant to decentralized technology
    contracts on Ethereum side are trivialy edited by a central party so there's always a counterparty risk due to guaranteed trusted third party on centralized platforms. mentally degenerate idiots like Vitalik confiscating money already happened during dao forks, as central premine suggests, which is easy when you price incentives on all future versions of forks. why choose to promote a scam like Ethereum or DAI, they aren't even interesting projects nor original.
    Hi @factcheckmypost_twitter , we are very aware and have been critical of this. We refer to them as proxy and or decentralised intermediaries. We do cover a lot of this on our blog, a good example including "Decentralization ≠ Disintermediation" . https://medium.com/liquality/decentralization-disintermediation-208000413b82
    The reference here to no ICO is that we ourselves have not launched and or tried to fund or impede our approach through raising funds by issuing an ICO