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Robert Dober
@mingsterism oh just another one <should be <= or <=should be < and I guess you wanted to have an error on an empty list, correct?
Paul Reilly
forgive me as I’m a noob… I’m wanting to make an HTTP Post using basic auth with the body I require to post containing a nested object: input..
all in all looking like this...
   "input" : {
      "url" : "http://example.com",
      "maxPages" : "1000"
   "type" : "ai.reach.Event.ContactFinder"
how do I 1) construct the nested json object and 2) how then do I post it with user/pass basic auth?
Olá, mais um lisboeta que descobriu que afinal os alquimistas portugueses existem
A eterna pergunta: já alguém está a usar elixir em produção em alguma coisa não trivial?
Ram Kumar
hi has anyone used phoenix server?
hi all
I'm new in elixir, and i'm trying to make a script that reads a file, and insert the data in postgres tables
for example if i have in file a list of maps that contains keys with values in unix datetime
how to transform this values in ecto.datetime
and then insert them in tables?
Palash Nigam

Hi there I completely new to elixir and I'm trying to write a wrapper for an elixir linter (credo). While running CI checks I'm getting errors while installing dependencies. This is what I get on travis CI
erldoc.el:64:1:Error: Cannot open load file: cl-lib

ERROR: install script from erlang-mode package failed

dpkg: error processing package erlang-mode (--configure):

subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1

Setting up erlang-src (1:20.1-1) ...

Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.19-0ubuntu6.13) ...

Errors were encountered while processing:


E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
Here a link to my PR coala/coala-bears#2172 Can anyone check it tell me whats the problem?

Jeff Lee
anyone have a good example blog/repo on elixir webservice pattern?
Ram Kumar
hi anyone have any idea how to parse and format CVS files in elixir ?
Pedro Rivas
Hello, I am fighting with floats.
I retrieve floats from database convert to integer do some operations and after reconvert to floats, (better do domain operations with integers instead floats I think), I have this code:
some_numeric_result = :erlang.binary_to_float(:erlang.float_to_binary(12.45536, decimals: 4)) that return this result 12.4554
If I multiply this: by some_numeric_result * 10000 returns this result 124553.99999999999
Exist some way in this world to do this simple operation and return 124554 ? I try with Erlang and Elixir way but nothing works
Thank you
I think maybe rounding this....but... round the result in each intermediate step is not a good way to do things, IMHO
Chintan Mishra

NoSQL users in Elixir have tons of redundant drivers for each NoSQL DB. This hurts the community and acts as a barrier for adoption in prod. It'd be great if people can join forces to build collaboratively. I have set up a community for NoSQL users please use it to communicate and collaborate for developing NoSQL drivers.


Oleksandr Bratashov
Hello guys! Tell me please, how to quit after run IO.read(:stdio, :all) (in the iex)?
Titouan Teyssier
hey alexander are you under linux ? if yes let me tell you how to kill any process :)
oh bpy thats old
I hope it's not running anymore ^^
Daniel Serrano
next meetup was just announced. w00t! https://www.meetup.com/lisbon-elixir/events/256967012/
I am new to elixir and trying to do what I think is a simple task without much success. I am trying to post a JSON array through the httpotion module. I build the array as a string of json object without much success. Something like that “[{‘a’:’a1’},’a’:’a2’}]”. The post looks like. HTTPotion.post url, [headers:header, body: body]. Anyone has done something like that before?
Chintan Mishra
@samoko what is the problem?
Grégory Faruch
hi all, how to get codepoint of a variable ? I tried ?(myvar) but get the newbe error syntaxe error
Grégory Faruch
ok I get it. It's not possible !
Hi gays
Naveen Yadav


i am new to elixir community, building side project to learn elixir.
Would someone be interested on giving feedback ?

Daniel Caixinha
Hey @navyad, I can try to take a look at it. Please send me the link to your project :wink:
Naveen Yadav
@dcaixinha Thanks, i have sent you a link of project.
Oleksandr Bratashov

Hello guys! Tell me please how to mock/stub Repo methods, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54967732/how-to-mock-stub-methods-in-elixir-library-ecto-repo


Hi guys! I would like to ask if it is possible to have a presentation on the next Elixir event? The one after 27 of march :)
My company (https://appunite.com/) has a workation project in Lisbon and we are actually very intrested to share our Elixir knowledge here. We are going to have Elixir devs visiting Lisbon every month until September :) We have already organized 11 meetups in Poznań!
Daniel Caixinha
It's definitely possible :grinning: I'll DM you @antrd
Sam Iso
@navyad Howdy, I just started learning Elixir too. It has been an awesome ride. I am interested in seeing your project.
Naveen Yadav

Hi @sament

Please have a look https://github.com/navyad/moviematch. If you have any ideas or feedback feel free to ping me.

I am also newbie here, learning the ropes.

Bernardo Dornellas Cysneiros Gomes de Amorim
Hi Guys, I'm Bernardo, I work fulltime with Elixir in Brasil. I'll be in Portugal in June. Are there any meetups planned? I'd love to attend! =D
Daniel Caixinha
hey @bamorim :wave: we don't have defined a date yet for the June meetup, but we'll certainly have one :raised_hands: there's one happening on the 29th of May, and we'll have the next one on the last week of June most likely.
Bernardo Dornellas Cysneiros Gomes de Amorim
Great. Hopefully I'll be able to attend. Is it more likely to happen on a weekday or on a weekend?
Daniel Caixinha
@bamorim it's always on weekdays. We just announced the May edition: https://www.meetup.com/lisbon-elixir/events/261346275
after that one we'll eventually do the same for the June one (and I'll post here the link)
Bernardo Dornellas Cysneiros Gomes de Amorim
Great. So there is a big chance that I'll be able to attend. I'll keep an eye here :)
Daniel Caixinha
cool! hope to see you there 😉
Bernardo Dornellas Cysneiros Gomes de Amorim
Hi @dcaixinha I'm already in Lisbon! Any news on the June meetup?
Carlos Brito Lage
Bernardo Dornellas Cysneiros Gomes de Amorim
@dcaixinha I saw the event on Meetup. Already joined. Looking forward to it. :)
Daniel Caixinha
hey @bamorim sorry for the delay in answering, I was on holidays for the past 2 weeks. just in case other people are also looking, here's the link to the next meetup (happening on the next Thursday): http://meetu.ps/e/GRvWw/vpB8M/d
Zé Pedro Matos
Hi everyone. I'm kinda new to webdev and programming in general. Been working for a few months as a front end dev and I'm looking at several options to pick my backend stack. Been trying a few node frameworks but I've heard great things about elixir/phoenix and I decided to give it a try aswell. Any suggestions for learning resources to get started Thank you in advance
Daniel Caixinha

hey @zepedromatos :wave: welcome! I'd say the official getting started guide is pretty good at giving an overview of the language (and its data types, syntax, most important modules and so on): https://elixir-lang.org/getting-started/introduction.html
there's also Elixir School (which I've never used, but heard good things about: https://elixirschool.com/en/
regarding books, currently there's a bunch of them (most from PragProg https://pragprog.com/categories/elixir), but my personal favorite is Elixir in Action https://www.manning.com/books/elixir-in-action.

Shameless self plug: I've co-written the Mastering Elixir book (https://www.amazon.com/Mastering-Elixir-distributed-fault-tolerant-applications/dp/1788472675) where we build a Dropbox-like application throughout the book!