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Repo info
    Eike Herzbach
    Hello! Anyone reading this?
    My question is: is it possible to make a running lita process reload the code, e.g. how it's possible with sinatra in dev. I find myself exiting and re-running lita (shell adapter for dev) many many times a day..
    Mailo Světel
    Try rerun gem, but there are more clean ways for sure
    Mailo Světel
    Hi, how could I convince Lita to respond only to messages which are written directly to her in groupchat?
    Chris Evett
    like 'lita <command>' or a private message
    in your handler if you set command to true it will only respond to 'lita <command>'
    Mailo Světel
    chrisevett: Thank you, command: true was the trick ;)