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    Guilherme Borges Bastos
    Hello everyone, this community was created to give support and share ideas related to the project 'Live Resume' available on GitHub. Thank you!
    Akhil Parmar
    Hi Guilherme
    I tried to deploy the project on github pages
    but it only shows title. Can you suggest a fix?
    Guilherme Borges Bastos
    Hello Akhil, it's great that you have achieved the desired results in order to do deploy on GitHub. Well, there are some ways of deploying an Angular application on GitHub Pages, I would suggest you read and follow the steps on this step-by-step tutorial:
    P.S: In my case, I have configured a 'Droplet' at DigitalOcean and created a deploy via Jenkins Pipeline. I did not use the GitHub pages, however, I hope this link can give you the necessary insights to solve your problem.
    Raj Sangani
    Hey Guilherme, I am trying to host the resume (modified) on heroku but it shows me the following error The /tmp/build54b6471d/src/environments/environment.ts path in file replacements does not exist.. I have created an express server and added the necessary scripts along with the heroku-postbuild script to package.json. Everything works well on localhost (using express server) but while deploying on heroku I am getting this error. It would be great if you could help.
    Guilherme Borges Bastos
    @rajlm10 , forgive me for the delay, however, I just passed through a big change. Now I'm getting back to the 'normality'. Well, the environment files, currently, just contains the properties needed for the "Google Analytics". To give you a better response, I'd need to see the actual error and better analyze it, however, if you don't care about the analytics aspect, byr removing the analytics dependencies and so on, after that, you could also disable/remove the usage of the environments feature.