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Apr 2016
Luna Mendes
Apr 25 2016 10:31

Summary: New version, 0.5.3-rc2: Add $PS1 variable support in csh, Add pipe support for programs, multitasking, new process manager, Implement Mersenne Twister RNG, Changed WORK_FACTOR of login module(15 rounds to 7 rounds), Add procfs.

Features that aren't ready in 0.5.3-rc2: Cubix Containers(sandboxing) and yapi with multiple repositories.

Luna Mendes
Apr 25 2016 10:37

BTW the repository got past 100 commits, 7 months of development into cubix have been made:

$ git shortlog -n -s
    101  Luna Mendes
     1  dangranos

Mostly by me tho, but any help would be nice!

Apr 25 2016 10:44
You have achieved more in 100 commit than I have in ~670.
Luna Mendes
Apr 25 2016 12:15
@Creator Well, Cubix still has some issues and a LOT of planned features before any version 1.0 is released, e.g the graphics library, shell, yapi, filesystems etc.