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Repo info
    Steve Pomeroy
    It's not yet ready for a PR yet. I still need to add support for exceptions.
    Steve Pomeroy
    oh, I was having an issue that I haven't been able to trace yet: for the various day views, it seems as though it doesn't start at the beginning of the day: http://xxv.so/0xd635330f any idea where I might start going to fix that?
    It looks like a timezone issue, so I'm a little worried :-)
    Does only https://github.com/llazzaro/django-scheduler/tree/develop support Python3? If so, how do I install the development branch?
    Enmanuel Rivera
    I know the docs clearly state this app works on django 1.7, but is there any patch to get it backwards compatible with 1.6?
    Leonardo Lazzaro
    @DanielStevenLewis do not use develop branch. try python3 with master
    @enmanuelr you can try an older versions. I think support for django 1.7 was added on 0.7.4 . you should try version 0.7.3 (pip install django-scheduler==0.7.3)
    Portia Burton
    I am running the sample schedule sampler on my local server. I can see the calendar, but not sure how user can add an appointment to the calendar
    Portia Burton
    Oh, never mind I see that you can add dates in admin
    Hi everyone, does this app support Django 1.8 or just 1.7?
    1.8, but there was a recent change in 1.8 that made the app "slower"
    due to prefetching
    Leonardo Lazzaro
    @pkafei you can add events form the normal views also. but you need to configure the permissions. after some fix the default permission is to deny everything.
    I started to push new bootstrap templates to the repository. let me know if someone had problems
    @llazzaro what do you have going with the bootstrap templates?
    Leonardo Lazzaro
    I migrated the templates to use bootstrap. and also removed jQuery-ui
    modals are now bootstrap also
    Is this also fullcalendar support? And models for editing?
    Modals *
    Leonardo Lazzaro
    old html files in the template directory. no full calendar support
    I got the fullcalendar all but totally functional
    just need the modals for event vs occurrence
    just did pull request, all basic functionality working. travis is failing, though (and I never know why)
    Alexandre Boukhlif
    Hi llazzaro, are you around ?
    Leonardo Lazzaro
    Alexandre Boukhlif
    Is your django-schedule compatible with django 1.8 ?
    Also, I checked out your code and correct me if I'm wrong but you only persist occurences if they are moved or cancelled, right ? Why do you repeat title and description field for occurences ? Aren't they only event instances ? So shouldn't they inherit title and description from their event ?
    Kirill Romanovskiy
    Hi @llazzaro, thanks for the app! Which branch should I use now? pip version seems to be a bit outdated compared to master in github
    Leonardo Lazzaro
    schedule is not yet compatible with 1.8
    you can try master branch but is not yet finished
    the difference is the refactor on templates to support bootstrap
    you can try to install it with pip git+https://github.com/llazzaro/django-scheduler.git
    I don't have too much time to maintain the project now
    Juho Rutila
    Is the 1.8 compatibility just for the UI? I have been using schedule for my project with Django 1.8.5 but I am not using the UI. Haven't noticed any issues.
    Leonardo Lazzaro
    Hello everyone. In two months I will release a new version of scheduler which is not backward compatible with django 1.6. how many of you didn't migrate to latest versions of django?
    @jrutila we didn't release the latest changes that will break backward compatiblity. you could try to install via pip install git+https://github.com/llazzaro/django-scheduler.git
    be careful to test it on a testing server before!
    Hi @llazzaro , this seems like a very neat app, so thanks a lot for it!
    I've installed and can run the sample program, but I can't seem to find out how to add my own elements to it, nor can I alter the view to weeks or days. I apologize for my technical ineptitude... Could you please help me? Thanks!
    Eirik Slinning Korsnes
    hi, could anyone shed some light on using the CalendarRelation / EventRelation model and why it might not scale well?
    Also, i'm unsure what the SCHEDULER_BASE_CLASSES should look like if I want to map different base classes to different models in the app. Like seperate base classes for Event and Occurrence
    does anyone have any feedback regarding llazzaro/django-scheduler#123
    make a unified occurrence/event edit form that works more like gcal?
    is there, support Django 1.9?
    Hello, I want to make a list of participants for events. Do you have an idea of how can I do this ?
    I want to link a model Invitation with many to many field with Users, but events in django scheduler can be recurring..
    If you know a project or if you have an idea, I am interested.
    Thank's for help
    Miguel Paolino
    @llazzaro you here?
    hi , i am new in django , can i make calender app easilu
    Houzayfa Rifai

    guys please help
    i have to compare between 2 data models
    ('P', 'Paid'),
    ('U', 'UNPAID'),

    class Location(models.Model):
    place = models.CharField(max_length=120 , null=True)
    def str(self):
    return self.place

    class Users(models.Model):

        # this function has to compare the date in updated and the date after 30 day 
        # if date in expery is greater than the date in updated >=30 days 
        # status have to change to unpaid 
        # the codes below are not correct of course
        #def now_plus_30(): 
    #    return datetime.now() + timedelta(days = 30)
    location            = models.ForeignKey(Location , null=True) 
    name                = models.CharField(max_length=60)
    phone_number    = models.IntegerField(default=0)
    price                = models.PositiveIntegerField(blank=True)
    status                 = models.CharField(max_length=1, choices=STATUS_CHOICES , default="U")
    descrition            = models.TextField(help_text="just to try it with the get_description def")
    timestamp            = models.DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True)
    updated            = models.DateTimeField(default=now)
        expiry                 = models.DateTimeField(default=now_plus_30())
    SMTPAuthenticationError at /comment/
    (535, '5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted.
    please help me to solve this error