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Nov 2014
Mattia Asti
Nov 03 2014 12:52
I've used Youtube Live. It works fine. If you want to use a nice resolution you need a good laptop. They give you for free Wirecast that is an app to mix sources and stuff like that. With the free version you can use 1 camera and do some basic transition stuff and mixing
That said, probably Livestreaming with its app "procaster" is a bit better but you need to pay if you want good quality as far as I remember (720p+)
Sid Wood
Nov 03 2014 15:19
Hi there, I was going to signup as a mentor for NodeSchool today but it looks like there aren't any mentor tickets remaining. Does that mean your all sorted on the mentor front?
Tom Cartwright
Nov 03 2014 16:33
@iancrowther am i speaking at the Nov meetup?
(I assume so from githubs but thought I better check)
Nov 03 2014 17:22
@sidwood correct
Ian Crowther
Nov 03 2014 17:23
I think you are yes, @orliesaurus can you dbl check
Nov 03 2014 17:27
Yes master
@tomcartwrightuk u win
its gonna be battle of the TOMs
@tomcartwrightuk vs @tomgco
Tom Gallacher
Nov 03 2014 17:32
Sid Wood
Nov 03 2014 18:01
@orliesaurus Ok, I'll just go as an attendee.
There are a few electives that look interesting
Also, GoCardless is like a 10 min walk from my flat
Sid Wood
Nov 03 2014 18:12
Also, I have some Hapi experience so if anyone is interested in talking about the framework or has any questions about the ‘Make me Hapi’ elective I’d be.. hapi to help.
Ian Crowther
Nov 03 2014 19:07
Want to do a hapi talk? I'd be interested
Nov 03 2014 19:09
ian I think sid is talking about nodeschool?
but yeah you should submit a talk proposal for LNUG
Ian Crowther
Nov 03 2014 19:10
Coolio, both welcome