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Nov 2014
Nov 07 2014 00:51
@olizilla yeah but wtf lol why would it say all that :D is it an easteregg or...?
tomorrow we're running nodeschool here in SF
with some bay node people
Antonis Karamitros
Nov 07 2014 09:04
Hi node people. Anyone aware of any full-stack JS contract role? :shipit:
Adam Davis
Nov 07 2014 09:15
hi all
@olizilla :
ideally, we jazz the site up, to integrate the content that's been going to lanyard and emebed the tito
I agree - but I think the site should always host the canonical version of the event info
services will come and go, but the site should be the definitive answer to time, date , location etc
Simon McManus
Nov 07 2014 13:31
This message was deleted