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Jan 2015
Jan 06 2015 15:19
Hello hackers from all over London & more
other than luke
Luke Bond
Jan 06 2015 15:20
@orliesaurus it’s going to be a bit of a YLD road-strip, a few of us are going
Jan 06 2015 15:22
then I should come too
just because I can sleep for free
in Brussels
Jérôme Loï
Jan 06 2015 15:26
i might be there as well, is Nuno coming too ?
Luke Bond
Jan 06 2015 15:32
@gorhgorh don’t think Nuno is
Tom Gallacher
Jan 06 2015 16:10
@orliesaurus yes (I am attending)!
Ian Crowther
Jan 06 2015 20:03
would love too, but alas not
Jan 06 2015 20:43
Anyone knows personally this person:
If so msg me pls :)
Jon Kelly
Jan 06 2015 21:54
Camille has done a lot of coaching for codebar, if that's useful to know