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Jan 2015
Jan 09 2015 08:35
@maxwellito check some inspiration here:
Markus Padourek
Jan 09 2015 10:23
@iancrowther thanks - good to know,
Will there be any update on the site soon?
Ian Crowther
Jan 09 2015 10:32
fair point
ill prob do at the w'end
Tom Gallacher
Jan 09 2015 10:32
(incomming lnug hackday promotion @iancrowther ;])
Ian Crowther
Jan 09 2015 10:48
hey @rosskukulinski
@tomgco :gun:
Jan 09 2015 17:04
hi guys, abstract (first version) for this month meetup, you interested?

JavaScript Craftsmanship

This is a talk about craftsmanship and how to write good code! It will expose common anti-patterns and how to avoid stepping into a rabbit hole. With a strong emphasis on how JavaScript code can be done beautiful and maintainable, this talk explains how to write very readable and testable code.

We’ll touch topics on how functional can intersect with object oriented programming to decrease the learning curve to your code. And how choosing the correct data structures is more important than ever to guarantee optimal performance.

All of this in a framework agnostic way, so that it is easy to take home and apply to your projects with ease.

Topics covered:

Code readability
Functional JS
Object Oriented JS
Unit Testing
Isomorphic javascript
Data Structures
OO intersected with functional design

I may remove isomorphic javascript and data structures
Markus Padourek
Jan 09 2015 17:09
That sounds very interesting - I would also be interested in having the ES6/7 side of things covered. I am using traceur in one of my CLI tools and think it made the code much more readable. Especially async/await (that is especially due to the synchronous nature of shell scripts) helped a lot.
Ian Crowther
Jan 09 2015 17:11
@fmsf can you add to
helps with planning
Jan 09 2015 17:15
sure, let me finalize it, that is a draft
Ian Crowther
Jan 09 2015 17:26
Jon Kelly
Jan 09 2015 18:12
I may not be especially representative of the LNUG audience, but I'm very interested in the functional approach at the moment. I'm keen to try out Fay, which implements a lot of Haskell in javascript.