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Sep 2015
Mauro Pompilio
Sep 21 2015 09:57
@ayoungh been using it in production for a week or so, no issues (the app was previously running on io.js tho) :rocket:
Ian Crowther
Sep 21 2015 15:35
are the node TC meetings still being published on youtube?
or has that stopped?
Ivan Fraixedes
Sep 21 2015 15:43
Hi @all there are only 15 tickets remaining for this month, so if you haven't grabbed one you should make an spot in you agenda and do it, we have 3 awesome speakers that you must not miss
2 days to go
Alex Potsides
Sep 21 2015 16:25
@iancrowther I think they put the last one on Soundcloud:
Ian Crowther
Sep 21 2015 20:07
thanks @achingbrain
hey everyone, were on
let us know of you find this service useful