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Sep 2015
Ivan Fraixedes
Sep 22 2015 14:13

we're sold out please be kind and if you cannot come then release your ticket.

For the ones who haven't got the chance to get a ticket, register in the waiting list you don't lose anything to do it.

For the ones with ticket and can come, we're very happy to meet you again

Ian Crowther
Sep 22 2015 14:18
Can anyone connect me with a company/venue that could host a weekend community event?
I have a cunning plan.. 😄
J.Ortiz B
Sep 22 2015 15:34
I just signed up on Does that count? Joined the waiting list for the old list though
Adam Davis
Sep 22 2015 16:10
hi @jamica-ortiz - best join the waiting list on then it’s easier to allocate a ticket when one comes available
ben byford
Sep 22 2015 17:12
@iancrowther can do events and have smaller but nice space
depends what your looking for
Ian Crowther
Sep 22 2015 20:12
can some of you super kind folks get there about 18:00 to help us setup the room
Ian Crowther
Sep 22 2015 21:11
see you tomorrow for LNUG… w00t