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Sep 2015
Chirag Doctor
Sep 25 2015 17:13
Hi .. has anyone done integration testing on Oauth based routes ?
Jacob Burton
Sep 25 2015 18:38
@chiragdoctor we have integration tests around our Oauth flow at We use supertest to make the requests against our app, and we use nock to mock the requests to the OAuth provider.
@iancrowther ha, no worries about the Portland comment, i don't mind :)
A swag trade sounds great! Would you maybe be up for emailing us at with good address to send them to? We have GitHub Universe next week so I'm not sure what our inventory will look like after that, but we normally have stickers and t-shirts. Let's follow up after that and see where we are at.
Ian Crowther
Sep 25 2015 19:24
Lol, inventory will be slim!! No worries will sort it