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Sep 2016
Fox Reymann
Sep 28 2016 19:28 <- interns welcome
Adam Davis
Sep 28 2016 19:36

we are doing NodeConf Budapest ( next January, and we are giving discount codes for meetups in Europe.

This one is yours:! :)

It would be great if you could spread the word in your meetup group - also, the call for papers are still open!

Alex Potsides
Sep 28 2016 20:18
Ooh, ooh, also; you should come to NodeBots this Sunday:
Alex Booker
Sep 28 2016 21:58
Well done @foxreymann, @tanzim and @gnugat on your awesome talks - thank you so much for taking the time 🙌
Really chuffed that are sponsoring and recording the event now 🎉🎈. Tonights talks should go online at in a couple of weeks. You can find other content we recorded on our YouTube channel
Alex Booker
Sep 28 2016 22:05
Any questions about Pusher (or Node in general!), feel free to message me here or on Twitter - my DMs are open
Sep 28 2016 23:49
Thanks Alex. I think after tonight I'll never forget how to refer to a key in YAML. Ever again. 😂