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Oct 2016
Fox Reymann
Oct 27 2016 07:26
thx @bookercodes shame that you cut out my questions, probably were not good for publishing
Oct 27 2016 07:46
I'm looking for a part time architect (node micro services).. if anyone out there is interested in collaboration platforms and the future of work
Nigel Purves
Oct 27 2016 09:02

Very much enjoyed the talks last night, thanks to all speakers. Promised to put our hiring details here.

At TicketText we're looking for node devs to join our team. We're a comedy-focussed ticketing company, working directly with artists like Micky Flanagan, Louis CK, Miles Jupp, Have I Got News For You etc. Recently rebuilt our ticketing platform in node so we can sell 100,000s of tickets in 10s of seconds; now looking to expand the team. If you're looking for a job with a small but friendly team and lots of free tickets drop me an email at Thanks!

ps is our 'legacy' system, new system is (90% finished, homepage not included!) at

Oct 27 2016 13:13
@Verrien Anyone with experience moving a client from angular to react particularly welcome. This is a high level advisory role which may suit someone looking for an interesting side project
Simon Ordish
Oct 27 2016 13:19
@Verrien I'd be happy to take on an interesting side project. Let's discuss.
Oct 27 2016 16:45
If you liked my talk yesterday on REST APIs, the first (theory) part is now published on medium
Alan McGinlay
Oct 27 2016 20:44
@lazlojuly Apart from the great presentation, I quite liked your git-enabled PS1 prompt setting from last night. Care to divulge?
Claire Mitchell
Oct 27 2016 21:45
Hi everyone, thank you so much for all your help. I've been bowled over by all the support from the LNUG community and am happy to announce that Node Girls does now have a venue for Saturday! Special thanks to Pusher who are also sponsoring us! :sparkles: