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Nov 2016
Alan McGinlay
Nov 24 2016 09:13
@svozza what was "2000" the domain name you used last night? You mentioned ELM as good starting point for Functional too, can you suggest any links? Also, do the slides live anywhere online?
Andreas Møller
Nov 24 2016 09:37
If you went to yesterdays meetup and want to learn more about functional programming with javascript read:
slides are up for yesterdays talks
Nov 24 2016 09:44
Thanks to all the speakers last night, a really well thought out series of presentations. Cheers
Stefano Vozza
Nov 24 2016 09:50
also, a great place if you have any FP questions is the ramda gitter room. really friendly bunch of people
Andreas Møller
Nov 24 2016 11:42
if any one is interested in elm here is the source code for the talkfinder2000 client:
Stefano Vozza
Nov 24 2016 15:38