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Mar 2015
James Cowlishaw
Mar 25 2015 09:27
Hi, I'm pulling together a proposal for a client, and looking at basing it on Locomotive. We currently use refinery for a few projects, but like the look of what you have. Are there any gotchas working with mongodb we should be aware of? Should we be looking at deployment of v3 in the next couple of months, or is v2 the best place to start?
Nic Boie
Mar 25 2015 15:33
@cowlibob do you plan on overriding logic in the engine?
if so, it would make sense to start with the newest possible code and track it, if not, the migration from v2 to v3 seems to be quite painless
James Cowlishaw
Mar 25 2015 17:30
@boie0025 Yes, it's likely we will be adding functionality and maybe overriding. Thanks