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May 2015
Robin Komiwes
May 18 2015 09:41
hey there
any ETA for v3 ?
Didier Lafforgue
May 18 2015 13:47
hi @robink, by the end of the month, I’d have an alpha version to show.
Brandon Mikeska
May 18 2015 16:25
@did hey not saying anytime soon, but would there be a way to say to have prebuilt "scripts" or packages that would give you a good base for a specific website. Like say I do a ton of blog websites, I could just click a button, or run a script and it would create all the content types with relationships and stuff, maybe include some example themes or something? Would this be possible in the future?
I could see a huge benefit if groups wanted to support their own "package", maybe one for blogging, ecommerce, and anything else.
Didier Lafforgue
May 18 2015 16:27
@brandonmikeska it’s totally possible and more than that, that’s one of my goals
basically, Wagon sites can be considered as themes
Brandon Mikeska
May 18 2015 16:54
Awesome I was totally thinking of that this weekend and could see the potential power of that. Maybe a community theme. It would be cool if they were hosted like WordPress and could just install them with a click of a button. Would make it super simple for people who aren't into programming
May 18 2015 16:55