These are chat archives for locomotivecms/v3

Jun 2015
Maik Kempe
Jun 30 2015 00:24
@marthings Just seen: @did pushed Version 3.0.0-alpha.3 out on GitHub (locomotivecms/engine@236f7ed). I think, the main channel of news is currently GitHub. @did works really hard to get V3 out the door, kudos to him. Wish I had time to support him...
Didier Lafforgue
Jun 30 2015 12:27
hi @marthings, you’re in the right place :-)
I’m not a super communicant person which is pretty odd because I talk a lot in real life, at least that’s people say about me.
(thanks @mkempe :-) btw)
I’m working on a way to demo / test Locomotive v3 for everybody.