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Oct 2015
Maik Kempe
Oct 14 2015 09:34

@francirp Yes, but you have to set the SASS_PATH too:

  1. Add Bourbon to the misc group in the Gemfile:
group :misc do
  gem 'bourbon', '~> 4.2.5'
  1. Set the SASS Path before launching Wagon, sample shell script:
#!/usr/bin/env sh



# Try to keep environment pollution down, EPA loves us.

Hope this helps.

Ryan Francis
Oct 14 2015 13:12
@mkempe thanks for your help here. <PATH_TO_BOURBON> is the path to the gem itself? Or to the wagon sass folder?
Maik Kempe
Oct 14 2015 14:25
@francirp Yes, to the gem itselft. You can see where the gem live, with $ gem open bourbon. Unfortunately something ugly, because you have to update the path, when you update Bourbon. PS: It has noting to with Wagon, i think the Bourbon Team changed it with version 4.0, just can not find the issue right now. Maybe someone knows a better way.
Maik Kempe
Oct 14 2015 14:33
@francirp Just looked at, maybe the fixed it with: thoughtbot/bourbon@cad5c07 Maybe you can avoid the whole PATH thing.
Oct 14 2015 19:01
Ran into difficulties updating gems in wagon app because yosemite (osx.11) dropped openssl.
gem install eventmachine -v '1.0.8' -- --with-cppflags=-I/usr/local/opt/openssl/include
bundle update locomotivecms_wagon
wagon version
yay :-)