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Jan 2016
beau sebastien
Jan 27 2016 11:37
sadly (or luckly ;) ) I do not have any windows machine here so I never have tried. But I think it should work using boot2docker
@did did you have received a request of update (from me) for the documentation for using devstep with
beau sebastien
Jan 27 2016 11:44
In short the documentation is

If we start from scratch we need to solve the eggs/chicken problem

So we need to build a container with wagon to bootstrap the project

Step 1 : Create a new project

mkdir MyPortfolio
cd MyPortfolio
devstep bootstrap -r devstep/MyPortfolio

Step 2 (we are in the container): Set ruby as environnement

build-project -b ruby

Step 3 (we are in the container): Install wagon and bootstrap

gem install locomotivecms_wagon
wagon init . -t bootstrap
bundle install

Step 4 : Project is ready, you can do your first commit and then hack

devstep hack -p 3333:3333
bundle exec wagon serve

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If you start from an existing project

Step 1 : clone it

git clone my_project

Step 2 : build an image to save time

Note : image can be build on fly with devstep hack but it will be destroy after

cd my_project
devstep build

Step 3: Hack !

devstep hack -p 3333:3333
bundle exec wagon serve