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Feb 2016
Stephanie Sunshine
Feb 27 2016 10:16
Hi @did! Is it possible to set the default class of all p tags created within an editable element?
<p class="lead">{% editable_text %}Something{% endeditable_text %}</p> doesn't seem to render right after a user edit's the content and adds two paragraphs because it will lay them out with a <p></p> tag and reset the paragraph
Didier Lafforgue
Feb 27 2016 14:08
hi @stunjiturner, looks like a bug to me. Could you confirm the structure of your Wagon site:
- index (no extends)
   - education
      - classrom.liquid (-> extends: index)
      - curriculums 
         - content_type_template
hi @StephanieSunshine
that’s a good point, you could write this:
<p class="lead">{% editable_text lead,  format: raw %}Something{% endeditable_text %}</p>
but in the back-office, you won’t see the RTE toolbar