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Apr 2016
Apr 23 2016 01:41
@DonKoko right, I just want to change the backend in different language. I just find a way to do that which is setting of account. There is UI language setting there. When I change to chinese and save, I got a lot of error such as "translation missing: zh-CN.simple_form.blank_required_fields". Do I need to add some locale source to engine?
Nikolay Bonev
Apr 23 2016 13:18
@neversion yup, thats exactly what I told you to do. If there are translations missing, that simply means that there is not full translation to chinese yet. You can contribute to the translations here:
Apr 23 2016 14:02
@DonKoko Thanks, I have found the docs this morning, and start to translate and contribute in Transifex.