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Aug 2016
Nikolay Bonev
Aug 08 2016 08:38
@caiotarifa the error is exactly what it tells you, you cannot have nested liquid blocks. If you are using the first example, you should have that as there are not nested liquid tags there.
{% editable_file "banner", hint: "Upload a banner (perfect size: 300px by 100px)", priority: 1 %}
{% endeditable_file %}
if you are trying to use this one:
{% editable_file 'banner' %}{{ 'banner.png' | theme_image_url }}{% endeditable_file %}
please read the documentation better. I know its kinda confusing but right under it it clearly says it won't work.
Caio Tarifa
Aug 08 2016 15:32
you're right, it kinda confusing :smile:
thx u
Nikolay Bonev
Aug 08 2016 16:01
@caiotarifa no problem man. It was also confusing for me, this is why I know. Maybe you can make a suggestion for editing the documentation.