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Mar 2017
Mar 22 2017 14:19
Hi all. Anybody know how to delete multiple(>500) items from model? tnx
Didier Lafforgue
Mar 22 2017 15:22
hi @sergiipopov!
Cristian Livadaru
Mar 22 2017 17:53
@sergiipopov this should do it
require 'locomotive/coal'

client ='https://your-site-here/', { email: "", api_key: "askldjflaksjfsalkdjfalsdkf" })

site_client = client.scope_by(site)

page = 1
while page do
  messages = site_client.contents.messages.all({}, page: page)
  messages.each { |message| site_client.contents.messages.destroy(message._id) }
  page = messages._next_page
@did I have a strange error when trying to deploy. unfortunately I changed the locale to german and don't know the original error message
something about the application.css not having the same extension
Mar 22 2017 19:18
bundle exec wagon delete prod theme_assets && bundle exec wagon deploy prod -r theme_assets
Mar 22 2017 19:27
@did Got a "niche" bug concerning pdf served by amazonS3: I have a model that uses js libs to fill data from locomotive into a PDF form. Works fine but when I deploy the assets my PDF get corrupt and I need to re-upload it via ftp to have it work. Should I make an issue on GH?
Didier Lafforgue
Mar 22 2017 22:23
hi @lcx, sorry about that. Just try locomotivecms 3.3.0.rc2 (released 2 minutes ago)
@manuchap yes please, it sounds like the content type is not passed to AWS S3 when you upload your file