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Mar 2017
Mar 23 2017 07:56
@did The content type is passed but somehow the file doesn't have any read authorisation (403). When I apply read to everyone I get a Error: Invalid xref stream index: index says 1 objects, but space for 48from pdfform (yet the file still has its editable fields):
Didier Lafforgue
Mar 23 2017 21:40
@manuchap wouldn’t it an issue with a wrong S3 authorization of the parent folder or the bucket for instance?
have you tried to delete the bucket and create it again with right permissions?
Mar 23 2017 22:28
I did do a major switch lately from one bucket to another which was dealt with pretty quickly (10 sites @ heroku). Most sites went ok (after I re-adressed files/folders permissions on s3) and on problematic sites I deleted assets and uped them again with no prob. I'll try and narrow down the issue since this only happens when I modify a particular PDF to make it editable. Or I'll just restart this bucket from scratch this we :-)