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May 2017
May 19 2017 02:10
@manuchap grandfather and his thirteen siblings and their children thru great great grandchildren
Also two brother married two cousins
May 19 2017 09:34
Pretty cool D3 usage example:
Then maybe using an integer describing each member's depth level from the root member to calculate relationships.
I think I'm gonna give this a go to learn D3 :-)
May 19 2017 11:48
@manuchap Hey that worked great, but now I'm having issues evaluating the index to be even or not so that I can separate the columns. is there an easy way to do this in liquid? or would it be easier to use some masonry style css
May 19 2017 12:53

@Filmtangent Actually you don't need indexes :smile:

{% for entry in (1..contents.samples.size) %}
{% for sample in contents.samples | limit: 2 | offset: offset %}
{% endfor %}
{% assign offset = offset | plus: 2 %}
{% endfor %}

Althoug the css approach is even easier...