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Repo info
Gerry Hernandez
Anyone around?
Ramon Moraes
@gerryhernandez hey man
Gerry Hernandez
Yo. Hoping to get some kind of feedback before I start implementing. :)
Ramon Moraes
Uh. Started getting this GET /loans/installmentloans/states/: "SSLError(SSLError(IOError(24, 'Too many open files'),),)"
André Freitas
Hi, I am getting a lot of failed requests in Locust but when i test them with Curl, they work fine
maybe the amount of slaves is not enough? any ideas?
Mark Beacom
Any idea why a plugin wouldn't be recognized by drone/hit in the pipeline? The volume cache plugin seems to work fine and appear during the build process on one workload (separate service) and not on another.
Ramon Moraes
@mbeacom thanks for the link man :)
Mark Beacom
Does anyone have a need for runner state change events?
Gerry Hernandez
Anyone know why when I define an on_start method, none of my TaskSet ever runs, including the on_start method?
If I comment it out, it runs...
Gerry Hernandez
Nevermind. Weird Python-ism I wasn't aware of (I'm not a Python guy). Sorry!
Дима Дёмин
Hi guys! I need some help from you. How can I get information about every request and save it in csv file with timestamp? like the JMeter report, you know.
Budi Utomo
@mambusskruj_twitter it might help you it do not save every request in csv file, but it stores specific informations like RPS, failures and other things in html file for displaying result in CI tools like jenkins.
hi guys!
i'm new here..
I met a problem recently with locust.
did someone know how to write a socket client?
could somebody do me a favor??
Xiaoyao Qian

Hey guys, I guess it's a general question regarding running load test distributedly:
If my designated test plan has some request flows that must happen in specific order, e.g. user login/logout, running in distributed mode might cause problems, for example, if the execution happens like this:

node1: userA log in, generated tokenA1
node2: userA log in, generated tokenA2, invalidated tokenA1
node1: userA log out using tokenA1, will fail because tokenA1 is invalidated

Does locust handle such cases where requests have dependencies and order? Thanks

Russell Cohen
I'd like to programmatically invoke locust with a specific configuration rather than running it with locustfile -- I assume it's possible although I didn't see any docs about it
Ben Yitzhaki
should locust work with a firebase web app? (keep web sockets in mind)
Slav Kurochkin
Hi folks, I'm new to locust, so here is the question, once the test execution finished is there a way to extract results, so I can store it in db?
I also need the same info. Please help us.
Mark Beacom
I'd redirect your question to locust slack or stackoverflow. @bharatsingh10 @skurochkin
Tibin George
I give user- 500 and hatch rate - 50. Once user reaches 500. It starts decreasing. why is this happening ? is there any way we can keep it constant at 500 ?
@skurochkin you can use the request call (/stats/requests/csv) to get the csv file
Is locust threadsafe?
@shaileshpadave49 You'll need to expand upon that

Hey friends! I'm currently writing a traffic replay framework, using locust as the base.

My current issue is this:

I want to be able to spawn locust workers and have them make requests asynchronously, and then report back to master, right? But! I need them to NOT play the same traffic. Essentially, I need a centralized entity to pub/sub events to tell my workers to make the requests.

I thought the obvious choice there was to have the locust master manage the messaging for sending the requests.

So I have two questions:

  1. How do I get the master to begin sending these requests? Is there a callback I can pass in to get the master running to do additional behavior?
  2. How do I get the master to send these events? I realize you're using zerorpc, but I've not found a way to tap into zerorpc while within a TaskSet or Behavior.
  3. For the workers, I figured I can add an additional callback to slave_report.
  4. Any additional wisdom you can provide for me? Should I set up a REAL task queue, or do you fell that pyzmq will meet my needs? I'm a devops guy, and I use a lot of kubernetes so calling helm install stable/redis isn't a huge deal.
Hi all, iam exploring Locust and trying to understand concepts, iam getting confused how request per second is calculated in Locust?, it shows total number of users spawned, any good docs for explaining it, or some would help me to understand better
Mukut Bhattacharjee
Hello all, I have been trying to swarm AWS IoT broker with Locust (mqtt) but not able to connect more than 334 clients per VM in any way. Any one faced this issue? I have also raised an issue in Github concurrencylabs/mqtt-locust#3
Renato Marinho
This message was deleted
Brent Hoover
Just getting started and I am wondering if it’s possible to run a test that does both HTTP requests and web socket. Currently it looks like you could do one or the other but is it possible to mix them?
Renato Marinho
This message was deleted
Andreas Nanko
Hi, is it possible to display requests with different url as groups ? I've created some lists for random requests like articles, categories, but I would like to see the average for the groups and not for every URL, because if you do random requests over 9k different article URL's everything gets a bit messy
Andreas Nanko
    self.client.get(url, name='Articles')
found it ^
Samkit Shah
Hi, I was wonderig if there’s any specific reason that we can’t get response status in the event-hooks
also, as I understand, we can either use the name or the uri but not both
Hi, I am trying to perform a load test for HTTPS endpoint and passing host in command line. But I am getting error like "File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/locust/", line 96, in getattr
raise LocustError("No client instantiated. Did you intend to inherit from HttpLocust?")
locust.exception.LocustError: No client instantiated. Did you intend to inherit from HttpLocust?"
Can you help me with this.
maulana jayadi
hI guys
I want to ask with All of you,, how do you stop when the first task is running and stop automatically without clicking the stop button in the locust?
and how do you provide random values such as store_nama, email, phone and store_code in Body (Payload)? how do you add the parameters? what needs to be defined?
Reid Lai
Hi there, i have already used IoT simulation tool to generate huge set of payloads storing in PyTables inside HDF5 file. Each payload has a relative timestamp since simulation start time. I am now thinking to use Locust to load this table and run locust as scheduler based on the payload it possible? coz I am stucking at how to make user sessions to send out IoT MQTT payloads as job scheduler
Hi How to add ramp up time using locust ?
hi,guys. When I running locust distributed,the rps is lower than running one,Is there sometiong wrong?
hi, is there any way to integrate locust with pytest? we use pytest as functional testing, if it could be used as load testing suite will be best