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    i am not able to deploy this
    can anyone help
    Jon Doe
    Hi, can anyone shed some light on why remix IDE just disappeared in the past few hours?
    any one Here_
    Hola tengo una duda respecto a la temporalidad en solidiy
    3 replies
    estoy haciendo una funcion para un smart contract que bloque a un usuario si ya paso su periodo de tiempo, que es igual a 30 dias..
    Jean Cvllr
    Hello is there any way or workaround to resize memory arrays inside a function in Solidity?
    Oort Cloud
    Edson Tégila
    Felix H. C. Maduakor
    Which compiler version are working with ethdiddle?
    0.7.1 is loading without any result
    Can you do things like check code instead of compile? More like make it a simulator?
    Blake Watkins
    hi there, I just copied/pasted a contract into the fiddle, and I'm getting errors where emit is being used, anyone happen to know why this might be?
    shoot nvm this chat is dead
    blockchain developer
    when I verify the contract on ethereum, how can I replace openzepplin...?
    OG NA$A
    sup nerds
    is this supposed to be better than other ethereum uis
    compared to remix and others i mean like
    Anthony Huang
    how can i get the return value but not depoly ?
    i need help to create smartcotnract on tro
    tron blockchain
    Nam Trần Thanh
    I need help:
    Give me a valid 1 about the constructor of the Voting post with

    pragma solidity >=0.4.22 <0.7.0;
    contract voting {
    struct Voter {
    uint weight;
    bool if_voted;
    address delegated_to;
    uint vote;
    struct Proposal {
    bytes32 name;
    uint voteCount;

    address public chairperson;
      mapping(address => Voter) public voters;
      Proposal[] public proposals;
      constructor(bytes32[] memory proposalNames) public {
        chairperson = msg.sender;
        voters[chairperson].weight = 1;
        for (uint i = 0; i < proposalNames.length; i++) {
                name: proposalNames[i],
                voteCount: 0
    function giveRightToVote(address voter) public {
            msg.sender == chairperson,
            "Only the chairperson can assign voting rights."
            "The voter has used their ballot."
        require(voters[voter].weight == 0);
        voters[voter].weight = 1;
    function delegate(address to) public {
        Voter storage sender = voters[msg.sender];
        require(!sender.voted, "You have already voted.");
        require(to != msg.sender, "You can’t delegate to yourself.");
        while (voters[to].delegate != address(0)) {
            to = voters[to].delegate;
            require(to != msg.sender, "Found loop in delegation!");
       sender.voted = true;
        sender.delegate = to;
        Voter storage delegate_ = voters[to];
        if (delegate_.voted) {
            proposals[delegate_.vote].voteCount += sender.weight;
        } else {
            delegate_.weight += sender.weight;
    function vote(uint proposal) public {
        Voter storage sender = voters[msg.sender];
        require(sender.weight != 0, "Cannot vote");
        require(!sender.voted, "Has voted.");
        sender.voted = true;
        sender.vote = proposal;
        proposals[proposal].voteCount += sender.weight;

    function winningProposal() public view
    returns (uint winningProposal)
    uint winningVoteCount = 0;
    for (uint p = 0; p < proposals.length; p++) {
    if (proposals[p].voteCount > winningVoteCount) {
    winningVoteCount = proposals[p].voteCount;
    = p;

    function winnerName() public view
            returns (bytes32 winnerName_)
        winnerName_ = proposals[winningProposal()].name;


    creation of Voting errored: Error encoding arguments: Error: types/values length mismatch (count={"types":1,"values":3}, value={"types":["bytes32[]"],"values":["",",",""]}, code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=abi/5.0.7)
    Aman Arora
    Hi everyone, I need a support for writing the base contract( abstract) having crud operations, my other contracts will inherit from them to do those operations. My other contracts have various attributes in struct, I am not finding the way to come up with this abstract contract like how it will handle those attributes of struct, can you suggest some sources or sample codes which can be similar to what i am trying to solve? Thanks
    Digital World Travel Chain
    is anyone there
    @blockchainDon_twitter hi
    Nasir Malik
    Hello, World!
    Hi All
    hi someone help me out with a bzX flashloan?
    i'm having some issues compiling the code
    someone could help me out?
    hola muy buenas noches, alguien me puede ayudar hacer un airdrop autoclaim para mi token erc20
    hello very good evening, can someone help me make an autoclaim airdrop for my erc20 token
    Binh Nguyen
    Tomi Toivio
    Hiển Lê
    When this tool support for Sol ^0.8
    i have a file in IPFS that store my data now i want to use that data in solidity (data may be integer numbers) to calculate average. Can anyone tell me how to do this??
    Is it just me or do literally no compilers work except 4.1.18?
    How I can get the bytecode>?