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Repo info
    Claudio Mezzasalma
    I have an issue with custom function sorting
    inside the function, i find that this is assigned to a custom object, rather than the this I am expecting
    now I need to reach for a collection to get my correct order, but I can't. Any suggestion?
    Hi everyone, I try to persist the state of the table using a custom directive to store in the local storage the predicates.
    It works fine.
    The only issue is with the directive stSearch. When I get my predicates back from the localstorage, and extend it for the ctrl.tableState(), it sets the value in my input with st-search and it triggers the following function :
    attr.$observe('stSearch', function (newValue, oldValue) {
    var input = element[0].value;
    if (newValue !== oldValue && input) {
    ctrl.tableState().search = {};
    tableCtrl.search(input, newValue);
    Why do you have to clear the ctrl.tableState().search ?
    It reset alls the predicates that were previously set by the localstorage.
    if i remove this line, it works perfectly but I can't find an explanation why you clear the search.
    @lorenzofox3 there
    any one here
    I am facing an issue to implement AngluarPrint alone with smart-table as page loading performance...
    the above issue needed correct approach...
    thanks in advance.
    Torbjørn Lindahl
    im trying to enable row selection, and i essentially copied the markup and the code on the smart table homepage, but nothing happens when i click my rows
    are there ways i can debug this?
    there are no errors, no response at all
    Torbjørn Lindahl
    the stSelectRow directives link function seems to work with scope.row , however that value is always undefined when i console.log it
    hi,how do i manually call pipe function?
    Leandro Maguna
    anyone having problems to display a dropdown inside a <td> ??
    I am trying the below basic code for st-table
         vm.rowCollection = [
                {firstName: 'Laurent', lastName: 'Renard', birthDate: new Date('1987-05-21'), balance: 102, email: 'whatever@gmail.com'},
                {firstName: 'Blandine', lastName: 'Faivre', birthDate: new Date('1987-04-25'), balance: -2323.22, email: 'oufblandou@gmail.com'},
                {firstName: 'Francoise', lastName: 'Frere', birthDate: new Date('1955-08-27'), balance: 42343, email: 'raymondef@gmail.com'}
            vm.removeRow = function removeRow(row) {
                var index = scope.rowCollection.indexOf(row);
                if (index !== -1) {
                    scope.rowCollection.splice(index, 1);
    <table st-table="vm.rowCollection" class="table table-striped">
    <th>C name</th>
    <th>last name</th>
    <th>birth date</th>
    <tr ng-repeat="row in vm.rowCollection">
    <td>{{row.firstName | uppercase}}</td>
    <td>{{row.birthDate | date}}</td>
    <td>{{row.balance | currency}}</td>
    <button class="btn btn-sm" popover-placement="top" popover="{{row.email}}" type="button">
    <i class="glyphicon glyphicon-eye-open"></i>
    <a ng-href="mailto:{{row.email}}">email</a></td>
    <button type="button" ng-click="removeRow(row)" class="btn btn-sm btn-danger">
    <i class="glyphicon glyphicon-remove-circle">
    angular module snippet : 'smart-table'
    I am getting the data but i dont see the table ..any idea why i am not getting the table ?
    Dennis Araya Bustamante
    Hi, anyone have a live demo about pipe/ajax plugin? I'm new in Smart-Table
    Mikhail Kuleshov
    Hi everyone, I've encountered a problem with stSearch directive in the way it uses $ symbol for "all columns" filtering. I have a watch on tableState().search and it doesn't fire when the value in $ is changed. This happens because angular.equals ignores fields starting with $.
    Are there any workarounds for this?
    I did not find any issues on this but this one lorenzofox3/Smart-Table#389, which was closed without any changes. Also above I see @ByJC asking the reason why cleaning search is required. This is the reason: $ is ignored and watcher doesn't fire.
    Dmitriy Zutler

    It looks like combining Date Range filter (Date and numeric filtering example) with Persistent State (saved to Local Storage) does not work nicely.
    When refreshing the page, the filter is getting applied, but the input field stays blank.

    Is there an easy way to make the Date Range filter to populate on page refresh?

    Note that regular filter (global) works as expected.
    Alex Miller
    Hi all.
    is any support actually happening in here?
    im using "angular": "^1.5.0" and "angular-smart-table": "^2.1.8" -- and after i get the table, i cant sort, filter, page, etc -- none of the examples other than filling the table seem to be working
    Alex Miller
    hmm i think i solved my problem, had display and safe src backwards somehow
    ah right, yes in ng-repeat we're actually repeating off the displayed... maybe that should be more clear (or im just a dumbass)
    Derrick Granowski
    Hello, I'm working with your table right now for an application I'm working on and I have a quick question. I imagine it will be a really easy answer, but after digging in the issue tracker and such I didn't see quite what I was looking for.
    I'm wondering if there is any way to retrieve the set of filtered items, and not only a page of filtered items. If this is not possible, I was also hoping to find a count of pages for the filtered items. Does kind of thing exist?
    Does this* kind...
    Actually, I might be derping, there is another page of issues that might have what I'm looking for... one second...
    Derrick Granowski
    hmmm... O
    I'll research some more and get back here if I am completely at a loss.
    Jakub Szafrański
    Hi! Is it possible to somehow "refresh" the table from another controller?
    I basically have two smart tables and I want to do some action on table A, and then refresh table B after that (something may change in what the backend will show for that table)
    RENARD Laurent
    lorenzofox3/Smart-Table#551 ,
    @samupl yes it is possible
    Jakub Szafrański
    @lorenzofox3 - how could I do that? The only way I found was to do a custom directive, but that requires some interaction with the table itself.
    I know, for example, I can do a click directive for that. But I don't know how would I make a directive that would allow me to update the table without clicking anything, from the controller level.
    Dmitriy Zutler
    Hi there.
    The table must know the total number of pages in order to operate. This, however, is a big problem (for big data sets), since 'jump' is a very expensive on MongoDB. So, when you load big data, the request times out.
    My question is how to customize smart-table so that it does not require the Total Count. I am fine to drop some of the functionality, like Jump to Last Page, or Jump to a Specific Page. If I can paginate incrementally page by page, it is acceptable.
    RENARD Laurent
    Then put any random number and change the pagination template to hide the page buttons
    Dmitriy Zutler

    @lorenzofox3 Thanks for your suggestion.
    I set the total to a very large number.
    Added logic to prevent clicking Next when response brings 0 items back.
    Removed Jump to Last Page. Removed Jump to a Specific Page.
    Now I can still paginate Left and Right and jump to First page.

    Thank again!

    Alex Oliinyk
    Hi guys,
    How to make "smart tables" responsive like this http://prnt.sc/b3kt8r and this https://css-tricks.com/examples/ResponsiveTables/responsive.php for mobile ?
    Marco Paul
    @lorenzofox3 little confused here. when using st-pipe and server side paging, do i still need to use stSafeSrc when loading the data even though I do not modify the collection?
    I'm trying to isolate a strange IE bug and I just want to make sure I am using the grid correctly