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Repo info
    Ramakrishnan Sathyavageeswaran
    Hi All, i am trying to do a filter search specific to column i found this plunker example http://plnkr.co/edit/dpmSdEaL2Xuyb1BWLbVh?p=preview but how do i perform search specific to column ?
    Eirik Brandtzæg
    @vlopez Yes, but I messed it up a bit by saving it when creating another example, try this one: http://plnkr.co/edit/7OHrulwoLVj0wlM4Bx0B?p=preview
    Ramakrishnan Sathyavageeswaran
    Is it possible to add filter specific to a column outside smart table. i am trying create a filter view outside the table so that i can apply filtered search to multiple smart table
    Hi, i'm very new to using the smart table in my angular page. I followed the example given in the smart table website. However, I'm not getting table row striped (as in the documentation) even of i use class="table table-striped". I have included the smart-table.js and smart-table.min.js in my index.html page.
    Another question - i'm using the st-sort for sorting the table. when I click on the header field for sorting, all my data disappear. Could you please help how i can fix it.
    Brennan Govreau
    Today I was working and everything was running fine. Then I refreshed, and I'm unable to import from "http://lorenzofox3.github.io/smart-table-website/bower_components/angular-smart-table/dist/smart-table.js" in my index file. I didn't change anything in my code or my environment. Anyone know what's going on?
    Hi, so I'm currently paginating with smarttable. But, for some odd reason, when I try to get the length of my original scoped array(i..e, 10 < ), it will only limit my length to 10, rather than the actual array length of 16 items. I, instead have to bind the array 's length in angular to a variable and output the length that way, rather than just calling the length on the original array. Anyone know if this is just a bug with SmartTable & Angular or if I'm just doing something incorrectly?
    This occurs regardless if its outside the smart table defined div tag
    Irfan Habib
    Hi everyone! I have a default-sort set on my smart table, when a user manually sorts by another column and unsets it, I want my smart table to go back to its default sort. Whats a good way of implementing this?
    Darren Hwang
    @eirikb / @JeffUberman : Sorry about old thread comment, just want to mention that you can add st-sort-default="true" if you want to fix the "initial-problem"
    Kate Stearns

    Hey All, I'd love some help if you guys can. I am attempting to use smart table on a page that gets its data from db/api calls via services. I have a search bar filter, and select boxes for 4 other attributes. Using the st-table and st-safe-src onload the table shows nothing. However when I filter using one of the select boxes that has a boolean as its value the relevant data shows up. Any other case the data does not show up.

    Have any of you encountered something like this?

    Eskil Opdahl Nordland
    Does smart-table work in angular 1.5?
    Smart-table does not support Chinese sort,Can this be improved?
    hello everyone
    why I don't open the angular-ui-grid API i use VPN
    hello hello thank you
    @luohong123 罗红?哈哈
    hello ,I want to ask a question, use grid for angular ,for example,ui-grid,ng-grid,small-grid,who is best?
    hello friends
    i am using angular smart table
    table is displaying fine
    but search option is not working
    Fábio Carvalho

    I'm having same problem as @Muthukumars1994 , my code already is on stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44375780/using-angular-track-by-index-with-pagination-filtering-and-sorting-not-work

    Someone know why search are not working ?

    This "Gerenciar.cshtml" it's my code.
    there is a bug @fcarvalllho on the smart table it cant be work
    filter and sort will work perfectely
    when in the page onLoad pagination won't work
    smart-table is better, l like use it, better than ui-grid
    Francis Rath
    Hi, I've been successfully using smart-table for some time now, but now my customer has requested to show the number of rows that match when I search with st-tables search. Is there any way to hook into this count easily?
    RENARD Laurent
    @francisrath lorenzofox3/Smart-Table#327

    @lorenzofox3 : We are currently using smart-table (yet to migrate to angular 4) and we are having some update issues related to the st-safe-src attribute.
    From the code I see that the intial implementation used a watchCollection, but this was changed to a 3 different watches: array[0], array.length & array reference. This works when adding/removing elements in a single step/action. However this breaks when adding/removing the same number of elements (for example replacing an element).

    So I was wondering why the change was done to not use watchCollection anymore (cpu cycles?)
    Our current possible solution would be (without touching smart-table):
    a) use angular.copy to solve the replace scenario.
    b) use angular.deepCopy on the first element to change its reference

    Of course it would be better if the table would use watchCollection, but since it used to have this, their might have been a valid reason for it to have been removed :)

    Tinne Jacobs
    Is there already a solution/an answer to this question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47387512/angular-smart-table-not-working-if-data-is-coming-from-nodeapis
    I'm also stuck with it, or something like this. Can't use an ng-repeat for the td elements, so the data won't drag with the headers.
    RENARD Laurent
    @Steenr99 it was for backward compatibility reason. You can submit a PR if you wish. It is probably not relevant anymore
    Matt Erman
    Having an issue where sort ends up reverting filtered data back to the initial data and then the filters stop working
    It works fine eith th3 filtering up until i start using sort then after a few times it breaks ans wont filter anymore
    And it also is somehow showing data that is no longer there in the data its being given
    Data is not loaded via ajax, its redolved in ui router before page load


    Is there a way to show a loader while we are using the st-search . any examples will help

    Can we insert enum values in ng2-smart-table?
    Description: I am fetching some data from the server and along with the data I want to insert one enum value as a column. Is it possible to do this in smart-table or not?
    I am new to angular tried searching for this scenario didn't find any useful links so that I am asking for some inputs.

    Hi all, I have an issue where the st-pipe function never gets called...
    My table div looks like this: <table class="table table-hover" st-pipe="callServer" st-table="displayediPharmacy" st-delay="20">
    Controller code looks like this:

    $scope.callServer = function(tableState) {


    Obviously there is a lot missing from the above example, but $scope.callServer is never called. The examples use "controller as" syntax which I don't have in my project at the now. I've looked at the docs and I can't work it out... any help would be awesome :)

    I'm using smart table to bind collection and some of my columns have empty values, so we applied column level search filters using st-search but we are unable to search through eompty column values eventhough we appended empty value with space character can anyone please help
    Anuj Mehta
    I am using smart-table 2.1.11
    I am using st-safe-src attribute to point to an array that I am dynamically updating from my controller. Unfortunately the updated values are getting reflecting on UI even though as per documentation smart-table keeps a watch on changes for "st-safe-src"
    does anyone know how natively filter null values? or someone does have an example thanks in advance
    Please check this question I asked on Stack Overflow: (this is to with st-search not working inside ngInclude)