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    Armando Stellato
    hi, just joined gitter :)
    Very good @starred75 !
    jay gray

    Please blend these questions with questions from other attendees

    We are using OWL-2 semantics implemented in Stanford Protege. To what degree can we integrate our OWL-2/Protege models with a VocBench?

    Can VocBench import triples? Realistically, many triples can realistically be handled in VocBench?

    Can we integrate our favorite reasoner with VocBench?

    Can we use VocBench/Web as a service, where VocBench accepts properly structured input and generates standard output (e.g. JSON-LD or RDF? (not at the UI layer but below the UI)?

    Do you happen to support UN FAO INFOODS tags, or have transformed INFOODS terms and properties into VocBench semantics?

    Can we generate SPARQL queries that test a VocBench model? Can we run those SPARQL queries in VocBench?

    Eugene Morozov
    Hi Armando, you mentioned a commercial spin off from the University of Rome working on VB - given that VB is currently open source, how do you plan working with the development community going forward? Is there a roadmap, specifically for the service layer, that you can share?
    jay gray
    ... how many triples can realistically
    jay gray
    aside: AgroVoc in VocBench is 'beautiful'
    Armando, can you show a VocBench example that used both AgroVoc and Agrontology, such as all AgroVoc concepts that use a specific Agrontology predicate?
    jay gray
    Armando, what is your source for mapping Wikidata items to AgroVoc concepts (assuming that's what you did as I see on your vocabulary inventory screen). Many folks are working on similar mappings. AFAIK, no AgroVoc concepts are mapped to Wikidata sameAs. Have you done that mapping?
    Previously I asked: Can we use VocBench/Web as a service, where VocBench accepts properly structured input and generates standard output? Allow me to update that question. Based on your SHACL example, if we defined Concepts and Shapes in VocBench, can we validate an RDF input (the source file) and generate an (output) report (what is valid, what is not valid, what i missing).
    Naouel Karam
    Would be happy to hear a bit more about the connection to ontoportal and especially related to ontology metadata
    & maybe versionning?
    Eugene Morozov
    A bit of a shameless plug here - speaking of versioning, Naouel, ISKO UK are running a workshop on versioning in VocBench in June: https://www.meetup.com/Knowledge-Organisation-London/events/277052349/
    1 reply
    Thank you for the great presentation it was very impressive :) I am a bit curious if vocbench is configured/tested/run in production with multiple rdf4j graphstores? What would be the limit of the rdf4j local one?