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    Christian Karl Bernasko
    Is it possible to ask some questions here?
    ZHUO Qingliang
    Robert Stone
    Robert Stone
    @mercere99 @KDr2 @davidmtm @tomaka @lrabiet Greetings
    ZHUO Qingliang
    I think, all guys are talking at irc.mozilla.org, not here?
    Robert Stone
    Ah so that's where they are. Ok, tried to search around for it, didn't find it. thanks
    Hell yeah, emscripten gitter
    Hey, how do I use emscripten::val to get a callable?
    Basically, I'm trying to implement a simple JS mapping function in emscripten
    I see that there's a from JS array to vector function which is a good start
    Sergey Kukunin
    Hi guys. How can I read generated bytecode ?
    Hi! Is there any way to export epoll* functions from libc?
    Ricardo Reis
    Hi guys
    I've been trying to use a static-libary (BC) generated from Emscripten 1.37.3 on newer versions, but it isn't working. Is there a place I can see the compatibility between Emscripten versions?