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Repo info
    Márk Sági-Kazár
    @lstrojny I am gonna need a custom math package with some mathematical functions
    Fibonacci is one of them
    Can I contribute to your repository?
    First of all I would add Cartesian Product
    which could be used in fxmlrpc as well (to calculate all combinations of serializers, transports, etc)
    Lars Strojny
    Sure, hmmmath is a good place
    Márk Sági-Kazár
    Ah, you are here
    I am just preparing a general improvement PR, just like for fxmlrpc: travis, composer, editor, etc config
    also, is the build.xml used? It seems to me an automatically added thing
    looking at the dependencies, the test component features are not used by the tests at all
    (I didn't really want to start a custom math package, there are already plenty bad one) ;)
    also, hmmmmath is a good name, I know you as an awesome developer
    so it seemed an obvious choice to contribute here