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    James Miller
    No, See alot of 429's
    Attila Strba


    getting new error today any ideas. Updating Scoop...
    fatal: this operation must be run in a work tree
    Update failed.

    I am seeing this effect as well but only if the SCOOP environment variable is set. If I leave it in my %HOME% all works well. Any ideas?

    Attila Strba
    The reason is that the worktree variable is set in git config with the latest git version. For me seems to be a git bug created a ticket in github: git-for-windows/git#2569
    Gunnar Lilleaasen
    Is there a way to write a manifest without a version attribute and rather just use checkver when you do scoop install my-app?
    Gunnar Lilleaasen
    Also, how do I know where the various variables are applicable (e.g. $version, $matchHead etc.)? Where does it pull $version from? The documentation on those variables leaves a lot to be desired IMO.
    Lin Kun
    Wormhole: couldn't find '//div[@class='version'][1]/div[@class='text']/text()' in https://www.er.run/release
    What can I do with this error?
    Lin Kun
        "version": "1.2.0",
        "homepage": "https://www.er.run/",
        "description": "Wormhole is a shortcut between computer and phone.",
        "license": "Unknown",
        "url": "https://files.octopusgame.com/os/WormholeInstaller.exe#dl.7z",
        "hash": "A9924F03838C5D1595A732E7823D9AD122C7530BE6D35257185E3475D5F4029B",
        "extract_dir": "Wormhole",
        "bin": "Wormhole.exe",
        "shortcuts": [
        "checkver": {
            "url": "https://www.er.run/release",
            "xpath": "//div[@class='version'][1]/div[@class='text']/text()"
        "autoupdate": {
            "url": "https://files.octopusgame.com/os/WormholeInstaller.exe#/dl.7z"
    I want to add a software called Wormhole. But I don't know why the code above not work.
    Sam Garfinkel
    Does scoop have a "reinstall" command?
    Whenever an install fails I already need to do uninstall, then install. Would be nice to combine both.

    Whenever an install fails I already need to do uninstall, then install. Would be nice to combine both.


    Maybe you can test the above solution
    Parris Lucas

    Install Gitter.IM windows desktop with Scoop

    └[~]> scoop search gitter
    No matches found.

    Does it exist?

    Wang Shidong
    how to skip self update when run scoop install app?
    everytime it run update scoop first, I do not want this.
    Wang Shidong
    @GrooveCS yeah, I am also looking for it.
    Hi Everybody. Super impressed with Scoop, wondering why I didn't installed it before. Quick question: is there a way to tell Scoop not to populate the windows start>programs>scoop folder?. checked the documentation but doesn't say anything about that.
    Ross Smith II
    @Moving-Electrons No there isn’t, but it would be a nice option to have
    How do I make a program run in its install directory, the program uses a config file that is download with the main program and I want it to run with that config in the installation dir than the dir that I activated the command in.
    how to install oracle jdk1.7?

    What is the difference between these?


    PS> scoop search calibre

    'extras' bucket:
    calibre-normal (5.10.1)
    calibre (5.10.1)

    'nonportable' bucket:
    calibre-np (5.10.1)

    scoop isn't creating shims for nodejs and yarn. I've tried uninstalling and installing several times. I've tried scoop reset nodejs, and scoop reset *, still no luck. The problem is that after scoop reset nodejs, I can type the node command and it would recognize it, but once I close the terminal and try the node command again, it doesn't recognize it.
    Here's my output for scoop reset *
    scoop reset *
    Resetting 7zip (19.00).
    Linking ~\scoop\apps\7zip\current => ~\scoop\apps\7zip\19.00
    Creating shim for '7z'.
    Creating shortcut for 7-Zip (7zFM.exe)
    Resetting git (2.30.1.windows.1).
    Creating shim for 'git'.
    Creating shim for 'gitk'.
    Creating shim for 'git-gui'.
    Creating shim for 'tig'.
    Creating shim for 'git-bash'.
    Creating shortcut for Git Bash (git-bash.exe)
    Creating shortcut for Git GUI (git-gui.exe)
    Resetting go (1.16).
    Creating shim for 'go'.
    Creating shim for 'gofmt'.
    Linking ~\scoop\apps\innounp\current => ~\scoop\apps\innounp\0.50
    Creating shim for 'innounp'.
    Resetting julia (1.5.3).
    Linking ~\scoop\apps\julia\current => ~\scoop\apps\julia\1.5.3
    Creating shim for 'julia'.
    Creating shortcut for Julia (julia.exe)
    Resetting nodejs (15.10.0).
    Linking ~\scoop\apps\nodejs\current => ~\scoop\apps\nodejs\15.10.0
    Persisting bin
    Persisting cache
    Resetting yarn (1.22.5).
    Linking ~\scoop\apps\yarn\current => ~\scoop\apps\yarn\1.22.5
    Persisting cache
    Persisting global
    Persisting mirror
    José Júnior
    So, is there a way to set an env variable only on a specific shortcut/manifest? I am making a FreeCAD Weekly manifest, and since 0.19 they added environment variables to make it more portable friendly (so you can change the directory where it reads the configs), but I can't use env_set (because that sets the variable on manifest installation and would affect all freecads), so I need a way to change the variable only for the weekly binary process. Something like VAR=value ./binary format on linux
    José Júnior
    nvm that's not possible. the workaround is the versions bucket