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Apr 2016
Arjen Meijer
Apr 30 2016 14:31

After a successful installation of Luya beta6 I am unable to go the admin page. That page does not exists in the file system.
I got this message: 404 Not Found.
In the second setup I fount the message:
[files_missing_in_table] => 0
[files_missing_in_file_table] =>

Importer run successfull.
Health is OK.

I can find the file https://mysite/luya-kickstarter/public_html/ but the admin page is missing.

What is going on?

Apr 30 2016 21:28
@arjenmeijer Admin is not a file in your public_html folder, its a module registered in your config. And the default url handling will resolve the route /<module>/<controller>/<action> (if controller is empty, its going to use default and if action is empty its using index) So the route /admin will resolve the admin module, default controller, index action. This is why there is no admin file, but it does not solve the problem yet.
Can you check if the .htaccess file exists in your public_html folder and you have enabled mod_rewrite in your webserver?