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Jun 2017
Jun 06 2017 01:30
@stevank is your original problem is to display "news" link on the header of the page?
Jun 06 2017 11:06
No, the problem was I wrongly assumed that I should use page, and it is not posible to create page with path /news. So,I wanted to manualy add menu item for /news. Since this is not how it should work, I created new page "Articles" for news module.
Jun 06 2017 11:07

or you could also rename the news module in your config defintion instead of

'news' => 'luya\news\frontend\Module`

you can use

'newsarticles' => 'luya\news\frontend\Module`

now the path would be

Jun 06 2017 11:56
@nadar this is great, just had to change views folder name to newsarticles and everything works. Thank you.